Monday, January 31, 2011

Political Lunacy - Carl Luna's observations on California politics

October 17, 2004
Local ballot propositions from A to Zzzzz

With Proposition B, county voters get to deal with Gumby's mean kid brother, NIMBY (e.g. Not In My Back Yard). Supporters of Proposition B argue that continuing with plans to put a landfill in Gregory Canyon – plans that voters approved by 70 percent a decade ago – will diminish their quality of life. Opponents argue the only quality of life at risk is that of gamblers who would have to share the road on their way to a local casino with big trash trucks heading to the landfill. Unless you want go through the nightmare of finding another landfill site – perhaps the Children's Pool in La Jolla? – then you might want to vote No on B, and let the trash trucks roll.

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